BIOSAFETY CABINET (CLASS II) : Applications include isolation and indentification of plant /
human pathogens, work in virology, tissue culture, sterility testing and recombinant DNA research.
This Biohazard Cabinet offers operator protection from low to moderate risk biological agents
(or chemical carcinogens), while providing a sterile work environment for the procedure. The
cabinet is kept under negative pressure with partial quantity of recirculated air exhausted through
a HEPA filter. External exhaust from the laboratory is optional.
The Biological Safety Cabinet is similar in performance and specification to the Vertical
Series, described on reserse.
The additional main features are as under :
* Specially suited for wet processing, water feb, chemical work, critical biological work
involging virus and pathogens & for microbiology, biochemistry etc.
* Standard S.S. Table Perforated.
* Integral powerful exhaust system. Built-in-positive Air Curtain effect to prevent inside
air from going out and room air from entering in, providing total process and operator safety.
* Exhaust ducting to carry the air outside.
* Front sliding door, U.V. light, Manometer, Gas cock etc. Optional.
AIR FLOW : 70% of the air is recirculated back into the area and 30% of the air is HEPA filtered and
exhausted out to the environment via a dedicated duct without mixing with the recirculated air.
Outer Body : (Mild Steel Duly Powder Coated / S.S. 304)