OIL SEALED ROTARY HIGH VACUUM PUMP : “Voltriqs” High Vacuum Pumps / Laboratory Vacuum Pumps : These are of oil-immersed, rotary vane type pumps.

The rotor, with two spring loaded vanes, is mounted eccentric in the stator body. As the rotor, rotates the vanes sweep the crescent shape air space twice in each revolution.

There is in-build non-returned valve which prevents back flow of air. Manufactured from graded material, all moving parts are precisely machined, ground and assembled with close tolerances.

This results in increased efficiency and long trouble free operating life.


APPLICATIONS : H Distillation H Dehydration and filtration processes H Exhausting Electronic Tubes-

GLS Lamps-Mercury Vapour Lamp and Tubes H Vacuum metallurgy – Vacuum Sublimation – Vacuum

impregnation – Thin film coating H Refrigerator and Air conditional servicing H Freeze drying of loads


RANGES : H Max. Capacity : 50 LPM to 10000 LPM (3.06 M3/hr to 600 M3/hr)

H Max. Vacuum : Single Stage : 0.05 mm fo Hg., Two Stage : 0.005 mm of Hg.

H Recommend Motor : 0.25 HP to 10 HP, 1450 RPM

H Recommend Oil : Enklo-68,46,100